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Bevel Gear Cutters

A tool for machining bevel gears. Attach this cutter to a hobbing machine equipped with a bevel attachment to process the bevel gear. High-efficiency and high-quality bevel gears can be machined by continuous indexing with a hobbing machine

Involute Single Row Milling Cutters

This is a tool that uses a milling machine etc. to index each tooth and cut gears without using a hobbing machine. Even if it is a standard gear, if the number of teeth of the gear to be geared changes, the cutter to be used needs to be changed. When ordering, please prepare a detailed drawing of the gear.

Worm Milling Cutters

HSS and Solid Carbide Worm Milling Cutters : Single and Multiple Row Cutters available

Specialty Ground Gears

We will cooperate in prototyping and manufacturing gears for special purposes and gears that require extremely high accuracy equivalent to master gears. Please prepare a detailed drawing of the gear on request.

Hob and Shaper Cutter Resharpening

Send us your hobs and shaper cutters for precision resharping like new, also offering ReCoating

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