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Russell, Holbrook & Henderson, Inc.

Precision Gear Products

Since our founding in 1915 by Lewis Russell, we have always focused our efforts

 on providing valuable service, quality products at a fair price and offering our customers solutions

to their most critical gear manufacturing needs.

Our line of accurate fine pitch gear cutting tools and inspection products, have been

recognized throughout the industry for their quality.

Our best salesman is your machine operator.

When asked their preference for gear cutting tools that :

 Outperform the competition

Consistently run true on their arbors the first time

Require less setup time, without the use of that hammer 

Produce consistently accurate and repeatable gear profiles

Increase your tool life with advanced materials and coatings

Tools that stay in the machine longer and produce more parts per sharpening.

Why not provide your operator the best tool for the job ?


Where can you find our products used ?

In gear manufacturing shops throughout North America and around the globe.

Factory Worker

In aerospace and defense manufacturing.


In automation and robotics.

Computer Robot

In electric vehicles of the future

Car Sketch

In the operating room with advanced robotic surgery and surgical devices

Performing Surgery

In your next design......

Engineering Sketch
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