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Precision Ground Shaper Cutters

Shaper Cutters are made based on our accurate gear manufacturing technology, and accuracy is guaranteed by our advanced measuring machines.

They excellent for manufacturing gears with internal toothed or gears which cannot be obtained/made by Hob cutters.

<< Characteristics >>
1. Gear Shaper Cutters with or without Topping are available.
2, When using a Topping/Semi-Topping type, you can easily control the tooth thickness deviation by means of measuring O/D of the work piece.

Also, topping cutter will result with no burring on to the gear tooth top corner, so trouble free performances of gears can be obtained. Therefore, this will reduce your manufacturing costs.
3. Re-sharpening is easy for regaining its original accuracy.
4. There will be smaller amount of polygonal tooth form deviation on the gears compare with the gear made by Hobs; result in sooth gear rolling.

<< Production Range >>
 Diametral Pitch 12 and finer
 Dimension: Please inquire us for detail

<< Material >>
  HSS, Powder Metal and Solid Carbide available. For other materials and coatings, please contact us for more information.

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