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Precision Ground Hobs from Stock

A hob cutter is a tool that creates a cutting tooth profile by arranging a rack tooth cutting edge in a screw shape and synchronously rotating with the work gear. Hobbing machine is used for gear cutting. We specialize in manufacturing high-precision hobs that cut gears in a range called fine pitch (approximately DP10 and finer).

Our inventory consists of both HSS and Solid Carbide Hobs with coating.

We also manufacture custom hobs to meet your requirements.  Contact us for more information.

Involute Hobs

Hob for gear cutting of gears whose tooth surfaces are formed by involute curves. In addition to the tooth profiles standardized by AGMA / ISO /

DIN / JIS standards, we design and manufacture the most suitable hob for the desired gear tooth profile

Involute Spline Hobs

Hob that cuts an involute spline whose tooth surface is formed by an involute curve. When the reference rack is the same involute spline, splines with different number of teeth can be cut with one hob. In addition to splines standardized by ANSI B92.1 / DIN 5804 /JIS B 1603, we design and manufacture hobs that are optimal for the desired spline tooth profile.

Involute Serration Hobs

Hob that cuts serrations whose tooth surfaces are formed by involute curves. Involute serrations are established in relatively old standards such as JIS B1602 / ASA B5.15. In the current standard (JIS B 1603 / ANSI B92.1, etc.), serrations are defined as a kind of spline.

Straight Sided Serration Hobs

This is a hob for machining serrations where the tooth surface is formed in a straight line. Typical standards include SAE J500 / DIN 5481. The tooth profile of the hob is a special curved tooth profile corresponding to the straight tooth serration to be cut. Therefore, if the number of teeth on the serration is different, a dedicated hob is required for each number of teeth.

Cycloidal Hobs

Hob for gear cutting of cycloid gears often used in watches and instruments. In addition to cycloid hobs that support standards such as NHS 56704 / BS 978, we design and manufacture hobbies that are optimal for the desired cycloid tooth profile.

Worm Gear Hobs

Hob for processing worm wheels. To give the worm and worm wheel proper engagement, it is necessary to cut the teeth with a hob based on the shape of the worm. Therefore, the hob for the worm wheel is manufactured by increasing the crest and sharping allowance (allowable for dimensional change by re-sharpening) to the outer diameter of the worm that meshes with the worm wheel. When ordering, please have a detailed view of the worm wheel and worm.

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