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When gear precision makes all the difference 


gear HOBS

The TRU-VOLUTE hob is finished with a uniquely developed CNC hob grinder. This makes it possible to consistently deliver  Tru-Volute accuracy standard AAA hobs to everyone. In addition, by selecting  the appropriate gear cutting conditions, dry, high speed, and high hardness gear cutting can be achieved with the same level of precision as tooth grinding. Non-standard hobs are also manufactured.

We stock both HSS and Solid Carbide Hobs.

Contacts us for more information.


Our high-precision shaper cutters are manufactured based on our master gear manufacturing technology and know-how on hobs for small gears. It is mainly used for gear cutting of stepped gears and internal gears that cannot be cut with a hob. In addition to involute splines and involute gears, we can also produce linear tooth splines and pinion cutters for special toothed gears, topping shapers, shank type

 and disc type.

We stock HSS and PM disc and shank type.

Spur & Helical Master Gears

The master gear is used for both double flank and single flank gear inspection.

With the CNC gear grinding machines developed by our company and the know-how of high-precision gear processing cultivated over many years, we produce the ideal master gear for your inspection requirements. 

Contact us for more information on our

stock spur master gears and special made

helical master gears.

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